OFF Festival: Welcome to The Park Restaurant

The Park Restaurant is a spacious area around the lake, where you’ll find nearly 60 booths with beer, refreshing beverages (including bio cola!) and hot drinks, as well as a broad range of culinary options. We’ve thought about ever palate and wallet. Here you’ll find a wide array of tastes — from traditional Silesian regional dishes to vegetarian meals, Asian delicacies to sweet desserts.

The restaurant also features a Yerba Mate stand and café called Cafe Natura, where you’ll find sweets and Fair Trade beverages: most importantly coffee.

Important information:

The dishes and cups used at the Park Restaurant and the Festival Village are paper or biodegradable.

Trash sorting is mandatory throughout the festival grounds, the Festival Village, and the Park Restaurant. Appropriately labeled bins can be found throughout the entire area.

We have also arranged a comfortable and well-organized smoking area at the Park Restaurant. We encourage smokers to refrain from subjecting others to second-hand smoke, especially in the crowded areas in front of the stages. Please use the appropriate smoking areas.

Items at the Park Restaurant may only be purchased with coupons (one coupon = 2 PLN) and MasterCard Paypass cards. Coupons are sold at the booths located at the festival entrance (where they can be paid for by credit card), as well as special booths located at the Restaurant entrance (cash only). An ATM can be found near the Shopping Street, at the entrance to the Park Restaurant.

Click here for the rules are regulations regarding the food court and festival coupons.

The bar at the Festival Village is open around the clock, serving breakfast and other warm meals, as well as beer and other beverages. Items at this bar may be paid for by cash or MasterCard PayPass. Boiling water is also available to festival attendees free of charge. There will be a kiosk at the bar where you can stock up on necessities such as batteries, toiletries, sanitary napkins, etc.

Besides catering to culinary needs, the Festival also features a shopping street, where you‘ll find a wide selection of records, clothing, gadgets, handicrafts, and artistic jewelry. Festival coupons are not accepted at the shopping street. You can pay in cash or by credit/debit card.

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