SUB POP in Poland.

SUB POP at OFF Festival 2009.

OFF Festival 2009 - THANKS

OFF Festival 2009 - Thanks.

These were four excellent days when I had an opportunity to observe the reactions between what was happening on the stage and what was happening among the audience. I am awfully satisfied when I see what sort of potential we have got in this country and how many people take interest in alternative music.

Emotions are the most important factor at this festival. When I see, that what I was preparing for several months stimulates, provokes and gives pleasure, for me it is the best possible award.

I would like to thank all the participants of OFF Festival 2009 for the incredible mood – not for the first time.

I would like to thank the band – there was no weak concert.

I would like to thank my coworkers, those from the environs: My Wife, Krzysiek Głuchowski, Ola Pudełko, Monika Semik, Asia Pieczonka, Kasia Brudek, Basia Machnik, Iza Roguszka, Paweł Maliszczak, Lukasz Wróbel, Bartek Krasoń and Olek Wityński. I would like to thank Gosia Warszawska, Marcin Sobczak and Ania Wojtecka. I would like to thank also the team of several dozen volunteers [ I would like you never grow up! ;) ] and I can declare even today that if you feel like cooperating next year, you can already feel welcome!

I would like to thank Jacek Poremba, Wojtek Kucharczyk, Bartek Kujawski and Rafał Szumielewicz.

I would like to thank Jonathan Poneman and Lena Panak.

I would like to thank the sponsors, co-organizers and the partners of OFF Festival 2009: The Patron of the Festival – mBank, Main Sponsor - Lech, Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris,  Miejskie Centrum Kultury w Mysłowicach (Local Culture Centre in Mysłowice), Narodowe Centrum Kultury (National Culture Centre), Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Śląskiego ( Marshall Office of Silesian Voivodeship), Bogdan Zdrojewski – Minister Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego ( Minister of Culture and National Heritage), Rada Ochrony Pamięci Walki i Męczeństwa (The Council of Fight and Martyrdom Remembrance Preservation), Metropolia Silesia (Silesia Metropolis), Grzegorz Osyra - Prezydent Miasta Myslowice (President of Mysłowice City).

I would like to thank the patrons of OFF Festival 2009: Trójka, Polskie Radio (Polish Radio Trójka) , portal, Gazeta Wyborcza, AMS, “Przekrój” weekly magazine , “Exklusiv” monthly magazine, “Aktivist” city guide, Telewizja Polska Program 2 (Polish Television, Channel 2), Telewizja Katowice (Katowice Television),, VH1 television.

I would also like to thank Miasto Muzyki!

I would also like to thank all my relatives and all those who helped me.

I would like to thank Professor Jerzy Buzek - it was for me a great thing to host You at OFF Festival!

I hope that what you saw and heard at OFF Festival 2009 gave you lots of pleasure and that you will keep it in your minds for a long time! I was very apprehensive, but what I saw during the festival caused that now I am not afraid of anything!

See you next year!

Artur Rojek

Rolo Tomassi cancelled.
Rolo Tomassi's concert (forest stage 5-5.45pm) is cancelled.
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The press conference dedicated to the 4th OFF Festival and the meeting with Jonathan Poneman.
We invite to OFF Festival 2009 press conference and meeting with Jonathan Poneman.
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